It was only a few days ago, a new case of food scandal alert jumped. This time it was in cookies for children’s consumption that contained cannabidiol, a derivative of cannabis sativa.

The SCIRI (National Food Alert Network) moved a new Food Safety alert communicated by the Health Authorities of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands to the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (Aecosan).

The warning was generated when they made an official market control of a chocolate brand from the Netherlands when they found non-authorized ingredients (cannabidiol) in addition to not having the right label in Spanish for the presence of allergens (gluten, milk, eggs and dried fruits) neither the cereal flour type contained.

Every day the market is more and more exigent with food quality. The number of allergic people to many types of ingredients has increased exponentially. This is the reason why labelling correctly their products’ packagings is so critical for manufacturers and so it is making quality inspections more exhaustive.

Raw material adulteration is not an issue from the past. It is a topical issue, unfortunately. A case like this damages either the final consumer and the manufacturers. The first, because of the losses that can occur in their health caused by the ingest of these products. The second, because their brand image can be harmed by being involved in this type of food scandal.

How can we safeguard both without incurring an excessive expense for the company? The answer is simple: VISUM NIR. Betting on using a mature and affordable technology, integrated into self-developed devices by an advanced engineering, is always a value bet. VISUM NIR will allow you to do faster quality control of your incoming raw material and in their stores in order to be able to discard lots, quality verifying and avoid retentions or other external factors that could affect the production in addition to being used for digitising all your process.

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