Since some time ago we have been hearing a new term called Digitalisation, what do we know exactly what is it and what does it envolves?

Digitalisation is a change in the paradigm and a new organizational culture throughout digital technologies in all its business areas, also known as process digitisation.  Any company that wants to keep competitive in the future for Industry 4.0, must go through a digital transformation in their present.

How could manufacturing industries set up this transformation? An important step in this direction would be to start with their process digitisation and one way to achieve it is through the use of VISUM NIR. What is VISUM NIR, what can be used in and what benefits does it provide?

VISUM NIR is based on Near Infrared Spectrometry (NIR) and allows quantitative and qualitative physical-chemical analysis with greater precision, speed, safety and at a lower cost. In addition, it allows ensuring product safety through low-density adulterants detection even with a very small size.

NIR technology is based on the interaction between infrared light and matter. For this, it uses cameras with sensors that are especially sensitive to the NIR spectral range. In this way, physical-chemical characteristics of different matrices that are invisible to the human eye can be determined, which other inspection systems such as X-Rays don’t allow to detect.

VISUM NIR spectrophotometer collects the light reflected on the sample, which generates a unique spectral signature for each material, giving objective results.

The data can be collected in a digital system to transform them, through Data Mining, into high-value actionable information to predict possible variations in the production process.

The application of VISUM NIR extends from the analysis of the purity of many raw materials, materials during their process to the final products. It is a mature, cost-effective and easy-to-implement technology that offers a practical alternative to lab analysis, which requires a lot of execution time for the user, which sometimes means that when the results are available, they can’t be performed changes in the production process and reduce them to a set of informative data.

Among the benefits of the uses of VISUM NIR in the industry, we can highlight the following: 

  • Faster and non-destructive analysis and real-time results.
  • Standardisation and digitisation of the production processes.
  • Minimum or no sample preparation and reduction of inspection costs.
  • Multiple analysis of different matrices available in the same device.
  • Detection or adulterants.
  • Stable quality control, a product that always is the same, recognizable in the market for greater brand identity.
  • Reduction of claims by customers.

In VISUM NIR, we offer an end-to-end turn-key solution for your business. If you are interested in having more information or knowing how we can help your industry to digitise your production processes and take the step towards the Digitisation, feel free to get in touch with us: