VISUM Press Release sent on 12/06/2017


A young tech startup from Dublin develops a revolutionary and affordable device to improve quality control in food and pharma manufacturing and prevent product fraud

VISUM, a young tech startup with facilities in Nexus UCD, has been awarded a 1.3 Million € investment from the European Commission under the SME Instrument-H2020 Framework Program in order to advance its technology to the market in order to bring the lab to the production line. Currently, the vast majority of food and pharmaceutical manufacturers must extract samples of the product from the production line and send them to the lab to be analysed with spectroscopy-based analysers, so that they can acquire chemical data from the product and determine its main quality parameters (fat, moisture, protein) and/or detect adulterations. Not only is this process costly and time-consuming for the manufacturer, but it also does not provide real-time information.

VISUM’s affordable new spectroscopy-based analyser is capable of being integrated in the production line (adaptable to any type of conveyor belt, pipe, blender, etc.) for automating the quality control process and ensuring that all product units undergo non-invasive analysis in continuous mode, saving time and costs for the manufacturer and contributing to standardised quality.

VISUM will shortly be implemented in the pipes of one of the largest dairy manufacturers in Europe, as well as in the blender of a key pharma manufacturer, among other industrial implementations.

Seeing new data; the basis for Industry 4.0

VISUM Ltd ( is a Dublin-based optical engineering company that develops and integrates spectroscopy and other photonics devices for ‘seeing new data’ in production environments. The company was established in 2014 and currently employs a team of 10 engineers.