As a new technology start-up, we are armed with vision, state-of-the-art, and a passion to grow our company from its small Dublin base to become an international player in the Industry 4.0 arena.

We believe that no matter how traditional a company, there’s a place for all businesses in the Industry 4.0 revolution.

And it is our mission to drive a data revolution right down on the production line, whereby we are leveraging our specialised expertise in spectroscopy-based analysers to integrate new ‘eyes’ in production environments. Powerful, fast and high-resolution eyes that are capable of ‘seeing’ or measuring vital chemical-based parameters in relation to product quality in real-time.

Product quality analysis is far more impactful and successful if it happens in real-time. Post-production and laboratory based quality control methods are simply less effective in that information is brought to the processor after the fact. These are also time consuming and expensive. In terms of actions to maintain quality, manufacturers are limited to being reactive. This is yesterday.

Today is Industry4.0. It’s the era where Data is the new King. Whereby we are not talking automated manufacturing, we are talking ‘smart automated’ manufacturing.  For smart automated quality control, you
need reliable data in real-time and you need that data instantly converted to intelligence for active control.

Whether you are processing meat, dairy, chocolate, or pharma products, an opportunity awaits you to bring your business into the digital transformation movement. Let technology take your production to new levels of process efficiency, while guaranteeing a standardised quality of your products.

At VISUM we are pushing the boundaries of spectroscopy technology and leveraging the latest innovation in ICTs and data analytics in order to bring to market affordable, reliable, fully integrated and ready to go advanced monitoring and control solutions, to help companies to stay competitive and to keep up in a rapidly paced 4th Industrial Revolution.

You’ve probably heard it before, but we’ll say it again: Disrupt or die. Transform or be left behind.


Oonagh McNerney

CEO and Co-Founder VISUM Ltd